How to Find Sustainable, Fair Trade Products at Target

Sustainble Shopping Made Easy: Target

One of my goals is to make fair, sustainable purchases feel attainable for everyone. Let’s face it — ordering online from an unknown, overseas brand does not fit the definition of fun or easy for most of us.

But sustainable doesn’t have to mean difficult, as I discovered on my recent trip to a store many of us visit every week — Target! Thanks to the company’s efforts at incorporating fair labor practices into their stores, you easily can add some sustainable shopping into your next Target run. Here are some of my favorite ethically made products at Target:

PACT Apparel
You’ve probably heard me gush before about PACT. Their cotton basics are an important part of my wardrobe, and a sampling of their men’s collection is now available at Target. You can buy fair trade, organic t-shirts, boxers, and socks for the gentleman or rogue in your life.

Threshold Organic Sheets
I was so excited to find that Threshold’s organic line now meets the Global Organic Textile Standard! In addition to certifying that organic fibers are used in production, the GOTS standard also requires a high level of workplace safety and worker wages. Next time I need sheets, these will be at the top of my list.

Beauty Aisle Buys
Target has a great selection of organic skincare, including Acure Organics and Andalou. I love the fair trade options available from Alaffia, Dr. Bronner’s, Shea Moisture, and S.W. Basics. These companies do a great job labeling which ingredients are soured from fair trade cooperatives, ensuring an ethical treat for your skin! Be sure to check out the travel size collection, which provides a great way to sample these brands.

Fair Food
I knew Target carried fair trade stalwarts like Numi tea and Green Mountain coffee, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that store-exclusive brands Simply Balanced tea and Archer Farms coffee also use fair trade ingredients. And don’t forget the chocolate! Bark Thins, Equal Exchange, and Endangered Species Chocolate can fulfill your ethical snacking needs.

For the Littles
Looking fairly made baby clothes? Check out the Burt’s Bees line of organic clothing, made fairly according to the guidelines of the Global Organic Textile Standard.  Older kids will love the line of Tegu toys, made responsibly and sustainably in Honduras.  If you have fur-babies, they can be sweatshop-free, too, with made-in-the-USA Nylabone treats.

Halloween Specials
Yes, I nearly started crying in Target when I found the supply of fair trade chocolate in the Halloween aisle. The chocolate industry has long been known as a key transgressor when it comes to child labor, and I’m excited to see fairly made options in a mainstream store. Check out fair trade candy from Unreal in the Halloween section of your local Target store, along with made-in-the-USA, organic candy from Black Forest. Oh, and I found a lovely surprise in the costume section — a couple of costumes, include Harry Potter and Princess Leia, are prominently marked as made in the USA!

As you wind your way through Target on the rest of your shopping trip, keep your eyes ready.  Made-in-the-USA and responsibly-made items are spread throughout the store, providing easy alternatives to products made cheaply in unsupervised factories overseas. Some Threshold rugs are made in the United States, along with Libman brooms and Nature’s Wick candles. And don’t forget the USA-made school supplies!

Remember, Target’s inventory varies greatly from store to store. For best results, try the nicest, largest store in your area (I had to drive across town), or look online at in-store inventory. When in doubt about a product, check the label for the fair trade logo or other manufacturing details.

If you incorporate some sustainable purchases into your next Target trip, I’d love to hear about it! Feel free to share any other fair trade products you find so we can all support sustainable brands. Our small purchases are making a big difference in the world.


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