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You won’t find any tiny dresses at my boy-dominated house unless my 3-year-old niece is visiting. However, I definitely appreciate the finer aspects of dresses that are as good for tree climbing as they are for picnics.

If you want to dress your kiddo in style while knowing more about who made their clothes, try these brands on for size:

Alice + Ames
Seriously, every time I see an Alice + Ames dress I want it for myself. It’s probably good that I don’t have a daughter, because then I would try to steal her clothes, and that would be awkward. Alice + Ames dresses are made in California and range from $40 – $50. (Pictured: The Short Sleeved Ballet Dress in Slate)

Ateljee features GOTS-certified organic fabrics that are digitally printed in Europe and then sewn in California. Their dresses include quirky cactus, lizard, and feather prints and come in sizes ranging from infant to about age 9. Priced from $33 – $66. (Pictured: The White Cactus Baby Dress)

City Threads
If you need a budget-conscious, accessible way to buy made-in-the-USA dresses for your littles, City Threads is your brand. City Threads manufactures their clothing in Los Angeles, and the majority of their items are made from locally knit cotton jersey. Dresses are priced under $30 and are often available through Amazon Prime(Pictured: The Twirly Short Sleeve Dress in Pink)

Eden by Elegantees
Eden is the latest line from Elegantees, a clothing brand that employs trafficking survivors from a non-profit organization in Nepal. Workers are paid double the minimum wage, and Eden’s net profits go to Kingdom Investments Nepal to fund rescue operations. Prices range from $22 -$32. (Pictured: The Lydia Dress in Gotham Grey)

Winter Water Factory
Specializing in beautiful, screen-printed designs, Winter Water Factory manufactures their clothing in Brooklyn, New York, from organic cotton. While they offer a variety of styles for boys, girls, and women, their dresses really steal the show. Girls’ dresses are priced at $58; women’s dresses are priced at $108. (Pictured: The Aspen Dress in Magical Forest Grey)

Know any brands I missed? I’d love to hear about your favorites!

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