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Vegan Shoes


We’re finishing up our vegan series today with a round-up of cruelty-free shoe brands. While vegan brands are known for animal-friendly products, most of the companies I found seek to be kind to their workers and the environment as well.

From top left:

1. Heeled Bootie from Will’s Vegan Shoes: This stunning shoe is designed in the UK and manufactured in Portugal. Company staff visit the factory each year to verify working conditions and quality. $99.

2. Everly Shoe from Vegetarian Shoes: Seeking to make shoes that are animal-friendly AND people-friendly, Vegetarian Shoes uses factories across the European Union that comply with EU labor standards.  These faux-suede brogues are a lovely retro twist on booties. $81.

3. Chelsea Boot from Will’s Vegan Shoes: A classic Chelsea boot. Will’s Vegan Shoes is PETA-certified vegan, meaning the company has signed PETA’s statement of assurance that their designs are completely free of animal products. $99.

4. Strappy Sandal from Bhava Studio:  Crafted in Spain from cork and Italian faux-leather, these sandals pass Bhava’s “NYC test-drive” for all-day comfort. $229.

5. Sandals from Nae: Made of eco-friendly microfiber, these sandals are made in Portuguese factories that follow EU labor standards. Nae seeks to create footwear using sustainable materials that are good for people, animals, and the planet. $58.

6. Peep-Toe Heel from Olsenhaus: Olsenhaus founder Elizabeth Olsen seeks to create shoes that are sweatshop-free and cruelty-free, personally inspecting the company’s factories in Mexico and India. $125.

7. Pink Poppy Heels from Beyond Skin: Featuring a faux-leather upper and recycled polyurethane lining, these retro beauties are good for the office and the dance floor. $95.

8. Pewter Monks from Beyond Skin: These gorgeous loafers are handmade with 100% recycled faux leather lining at a factory in Spain. $110.

9.  Mary Janes from Will’s Vegan Shoes: A classic silhouette and slip-resistant rubber soles make these shoes your daily go-to. $92.

10.  Aviator Boots from Will’s Vegan Shoes: Yep, I’m pretty crazy about Will’s Vegan Shoes after discovering them on a whim. This lace-up style is water-resistant and features extra-long laces for a wrap-around effect. $122.

11.  Riding Boots from Will’s Vegan Shoes: These classic knee-height boots feature Italian faux-leather plus a zipper and an adjustable buckle for a perfect, slim fit. $132.

12.  Lace-Up Boots from Will’s Vegan Shoes: Soft faux suede and a hand-stitched insole add a luxe feel to these trendy lace-up boots. $132.

Know of any great brands I left out? Still looking for something that fits your wardrobe? I’d love to hear about it!

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10 Vegan Handbags to Love

This post contains affiliate and referral links to support this site. 9 Vegan Handbags to Love


If you love purses but don’t love leather, you don’t have to be limited in your accessory options. Here are some of my favorite vegan purse styles:

  1. Colour Block Tote from Vilma Boutique:  Vilma bags are made at a workshop in Greece with cruelty-free materials. This tote includes adorable polka-dot lining and an interior cell-phone pocket. $70.
  2. Crossbody Bag from MATT & NAT:   This vegan brand gains its inspiration from materials and nature. Available in a variety of colors, their stylish crossbody bag features lining made from recycled water bottles. $135.
  3. Kangaroo Handbag from GUNAS: This sleek, metallic tote includes an internal zipper pocket and a detachable strap. GUNAS works with small factories around the world to ensure ethical production of their bags. $165.
  4. Morning Crossbody from Angela Roi: With a zip top closure and zippered compartments on the front and back, the crossbody from Angela Roi is sure to keep your daily essentials ready. Angela Roi conducts quarterly audits of their factories around the world to ensure compliance with fair labor standards. $145.
  5. Saddle Bag from MATT & NAT:  Three interior compartments make this bag a good choice for the organized and messy among us. MATT & NAT is committed to using factories that follow the SA8000 social accountability standard. $155.
  6. Large Tote from MATT & NAT: These totes are everywhere, and now animal lovers have a non-leather alternative! Also available in brown, wine, light blue, and pink. $135.
  7. Belt Bag from Hipsters for Sisters: Apparently hip packs are back. I’m not that fashion-forward, but if you are, check out this gold-flecked version from Hipsters for Sisters. Convertible to a clutch or crossbody bag in case you chicken out. $185.
  8. Anya Crossbody from Angela Roi: Featuring a vegan suede interior, this structured crossbody is cruelty-free and sweatshop-free. Angela Roi is an official supporter of the ASPCA as part of their mission to improve conditions for animals across the United States. $155.
  9. Bucket Bag from Angela Roi: Crafted from vegan polyurethane leather, this bucket bag features a magnetic closure, tie top, and detachable zippered pouch. Round studs on the bottom of the bag keep it steady through your daily adventures. $195.
  10. Structured Tote from Angela Roi: This bag means business. Take it to the office for a professional vibe, or add the strap to go out running errands. Fabric-lined and crafted in Korea from vegan leather. $195.

Don’t forget to use code “BEYONDTHEFRIED” receive 20% off at vegan boutique Bead & Reel until March 1, 2017! Bead & Reel proudly carries products from MATT & NAT, Angela Roi, GUNAS, and more.

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Guest Post: Easy Steps to a Vegan Wardrobe


This month we are exploring vegan fashion options here at Beyond the Fried.  Today we’re featuring a guest post from Sica Schmitz, founder of vegan, fair-fashion boutique Bead and Reel. Sica shares her thoughts on easy ways to create a vegan wardrobe. P.S. – Read to the end to find a special discount code for Beyond the Fried readers!

So you’re ready to move towards a vegan wardrobe, but don’t know where to start. Don’t worry, a compassionate closet is so much easier than you think, and we’re here to help!

Rest assured: you don’t have to ditch your old purchases as you move towards a vegan wardrobe, in fact, the most sustainable thing you can do is to keep the things you’ve already bought and already love. Wear out your leather bags and alpaca sweaters, but when it comes time to buy something new, that’s when you should start investing in quality vegan pieces.

There are lots of responsible ways to dispose of the things that no longer fit your body, closet, or life. You can sell your gently-used fashion on PoshMark, ThredUp, or TheRealReal, find a local consignment shop, or donate to a reputable charity shop. You can even donate your furs to PETA to help the homeless.

And once you start collecting vegan fashion, when you’re ready to pass it along we’ll buy it from you for our Rescued Collection.

The main thing to know when building a vegan wardrobe is to try to avoid leather, suede, wool, silk, and other animal products. Fortunately, this is super simple with classic natural fibers like cotton, hemp, and linen and innovative synthetic textiles like modal, lyocell, and bamboo. Check out our vegan textile guides for more information on the wide variety of options and choose the ones that work best for you.

We’re not the only vegan shopping resource; these days you can find so many great brands with PETA Mall and Farm Sanctuary’s Vegan Shopping Fashion List, or find vegan style inspiration and meet new designers with Ethical Style Journal or Vilda Magazine.

If vegan shopping still seems a bit overwhelming, hire an expert! Our founder, Sica Schmitz, is a professional sustainable stylist with a focus on compassionate closets and she can help you create your dream vegan wardrobe.

This article originally appeared on Bead and Reel’s blog. From now through March 1, 2017, Beyond the Fried readers can get 20% off their purchase from Bead and Reel with code “BEYONDTHEFRIED.”

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