Fresh Starts


I’m not a fan of resolutions, but I love fresh starts.

As a recovering perfectionist, I view resolutions as harsh lines in the sand. Success or failure. Anything less than complete goal attainment is nothing. Resolutions aren’t for me.

But fresh starts….those can happen any time. And just after Christmas break, when the kids are back in school and the routine is settled in, it’s a great time for a new start.

Health is an important one for me. Back to yoga, dance class, the Y in general.

Fellowship. More time with friends, more Bible study, less hiding from the weather.

Healthy eating. This one hasn’t been so successful. My breakfasts all seem to involve pancakes and hot chocolate. But guess what? Next week can be a fresh start, too.

Once thing I’ve discovered about my fresh starts is that I can’t do them alone. Goals are not accomplished solely on will-power. (And really, what is?) I need friends to join me in the journey. I go to yoga because a good friend is the instructor. I go to the Y more for the conversation than the classes. I eat better when my husband is counting calories. If I make plans with a friend, I’m less likely to go back to sleep in the morning after school drop-off.

So I’m looking to fresh starts this month and feeling grateful for those second (and third and sixteenth) chances. The gifts of grace can be found every day.

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A New Year!

Hey, friends! We’ve got some exciting posts in the works for 2017, including vegan fashion options for my leather-free friends and more posts about finding fair trade at stores near you. If you have any topics or products you’re hoping I’ll cover, let me know!

While we’re planning and organizing for the weeks ahead, check out these posts from other writers:

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I hope your year is off to a lovely, gentle start. See you soon, friends!

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