Summer Happy Finds

My Veggie Chef:
We tried a week of this Nashville meal prep service. Everything comes chopped and ready, and dairy-free! My favorite? The bonus Apple Oat Muffins that came with our order. This is my new plan to stock the freezer during extra busy weeks.


Local Nashville folks, have you checked out 2616 Boutique? They are having a sale this Saturday, July 23, with 50% off everything in the store! All proceeds benefit the programs of the YWCA.


West Elm first grabbed my attention when they hired a well-known fair trade advocate as their Director of Social Consciousness. When we needed a new door mat, I found one of my favorites in their handcrafted collection. It gives me extra happy thoughts as I come and go each day.


Congrats to Austin-based Raven & Lily for becoming a member of the Fair Trade Federation. Their apparel and home goods feature gorgeous style, all ethically made. If you are an Antropologie fan, you’ll love Raven & Lily!


Sseko Designs is having a sale this week to celebrate their birthday. Stay tuned to their site for an amazing new deal each day. I bought my ribbon sandals during last year’s birthday sale, and I’ve loved having them this summer.


Have you heard that PACT Apparel is now being sold in select Target stores? WHAT?! So cool. Excited to support fair trade at a mainstream store. Things are looking good for fair fashion!


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Don’t Say Nothing

Photo by Paul Nicholson
Photo by Paul Nicholson

I’m scared to say something. I don’t know anything. But saying nothing just adds to the problem. So I’m just going to write, because my fear of sounding stupid is nothing compared to the fear that my fellow Americans feel everyday when they drive down the street or go to the market.

That four-year-old girl in the car with Philando Castille? I haven’t watched the video, but I hear she was calm. She was comforting her mama. She wasn’t shocked. And I wonder….had she been taught? Had she been told that this is what happens sometimes? The horror, to expect violence. To expect death.

I keep hearing “All Lives Matter,” and they do. Of course they do. But as my sweet friend Lisa says, shouting “Save the Rainforests” doesn’t mean we want to cut down the pine forests. All forests are beautiful, all forests matter. All lives matter. But our black friends have dealt with centuries of injustice and hate and danger, and with them right now we are saying “Black Lives Matter” — black lives are worth protecting. They are worth us speaking out, even when we don’t know what to say.

I want to take a minute to brag on my city. Now I’m not saying Nashville is perfect, but I truly believe our police department is working hard to listen and to see. In 2014, as demonstrators marched for Ferguson, police met them on the streets — not with shields or handcuffs, but with hot chocolate. And when protestors moved to the interstate against police requests, they weren’t arrested. They were protected as police stopped traffic, keeping all citizens safe.

Love, folks. Respect. Not hate, not violence.

What We Can Do:

Write Letters
Right now you can go to libraries in Nashville and write notes to the families of Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, and the Dallas police officers. If you aren’t in Nashville, check out other ways to share your heartbreak with these families.

Ask Questions
Find out if your local police department and judicial system offer anti-bias training. If not, ask them to consider it. This American Life offers an interesting episode on the importance of battling implicit bias.

I don’t know about you guys, but I get defensive when I feel under-informed and powerless. I’m going to do my best to listen and learn about the ways I can help. I’m going to listen to Black Lives Matter activists who tell me I’m doing it wrong. I’m going to listen to the families of police officers who tell me they worry about their loved ones and what is said about them. I’ll do my best to hear the pain and the fear and listen to their experiences.

There is so much hurt in the world. Tonight, news of lost lives in France. And my heart breaks. For me, I’m turning to prayer. And when my heart is so full of sorrow that it might burst, I’ll speak out. I’ll write. I’ll be here. Because these lives matter.

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Summer Vibes

Boho Vibes

Boho Vibes 2

Boho Vibes 3

dress: Glam via Sisters of Nature (made in the USA) | sandals: Sseko (fair trade) | purse: second-hand | hat: Faire Collection (fair trade) | necklace: FashionABLE (made in the USA) | earrings: Noonday Collection (fair trade) | cuff: Branded Collective (made in the USA)

I found the perfect summer dress just down the street from my house, at the lovely Sisters of Nature Boutique. I added some gladiator-style Ssekos and a felt hat for an easy date night outfit. The husband and I are celebrating our anniversary this month, and this was a fun, ethical outfit for an evening at the art museum and a local sushi bar.

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